Hey I’m Zac and these are my two dogs! On the lefthand side is Miya. She is a beagle and a pit bull mix and on the right is Molly. She is on the right hand side. She is a German shepherd mostly but she is a tad bit smaller than normal shepherds. Im not sure what else she is mixed with.

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The Best Dog Breeds To People With Active Lifestyles

Did you know that as of 2022, there are just shy of 200 different dog breeds that are officially recognized by the AKC? That’s not counting unofficial breeds and adorable mixes that we all know and love.  So, when it comes to choosing the best breed of dog for your active lifestyle, we understand it can be… Continue Reading →

Crate Training 101

Are you one of the 23 million American households to acquire a new pet during COVID-19? If so, congratulations! Dogs are considered family members by many people. The first thing you’ll want to do is teach Fido how to sit, stay, and roll over, right?  But have you thought about crate training your dog? Crate training 101 is… Continue Reading →

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