Hey I’m Zac and these are my two dogs! On the lefthand side is Miya. She is a beagle and a pit bull mix and on the right is Molly. She is on the right hand side. She is a German shepherd mostly but she is a tad bit smaller than normal shepherds. Im not sure what else she is mixed with.

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best dog training tips

Top 14 Best Dog Training Tips

Did you know that almost a million pets were adopted in 2021? That’s so many pets that got to go to new and loving homes and so many people searching for the best dog training tips! Are you going to be part of that statistic for 2022? Getting a new dog is exciting. You’re bringing a new friend… Continue Reading →

Crate Training A German Shepherd Puppy: Ultimate Guide

There are over 3.5 million German Shepherds in the United States! That’s a whole lot of fluffy faces and waggly tails. But these little balls of energy can be difficult to train at times. Many people lucky enough to have a German Shepherd puppy of their own are looking for opportunities to improve their pup’s training schedule…. Continue Reading →

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